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This site is intended to be enjoyed by anyone who loves reading. Also, and specifically, it is intended to be somewhere that anyone who has ever written a book can publish it.

So, if you have written a book and want other people to be aware of it and have the chance to read it, why not publish it here.  All types of books are welcome here, be they fiction or none-fiction. If you have had the book published but it has run out of print, again, why not publish it here. The publishing cost is low, 5 ($10, 8) per book per annum.

Readers may view all of the free books and the first chapter of any 'paying' book. To read the rest of the 'paying' book costs just 3 ($6, 6), Two thirds of this goes to the author and one third to BOOKfun.net.

The first ten authors to apply will be allowed to publish a book free of charge.

To be able to enjoy either the free or 'paying' books you must register or login.

To register just fill in the infromation as required right and click 'Register'.

To login simply type in your email address and password and clock 'Login'.
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